Build, sabotage, and protect your sundae

Waffle Cone

Build sundaes and get points!

To win the game, collect cones, scoops, and toppings. Each has a different point value. The player with the most points after three rounds, wins!

Build the best sundae
Melted Scoop

Sabotage your friends!

Broken Cones, Melted Scoops, Ants, Brain Freeze, and Steal your way to the top! Sabotage your friends to have the best sundae!

Start sabotaging today
That's My Sundae!

Hey - That's My Sundae!

Use the sundae-saving That's My Sundae! card to prevent your opponents from sabotaging your sundae!

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That's My Sundae cards during gameplay with friends and family

Have fun and give back

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